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A study of 242 Negligence Cases in dentistry 242 medical law cases over twelve years were assessed for dental malpractice. ¬† Most of the cases evaluated existed on the basis of patients who claimed malpractice. For patients, the below may provide validation and concern regarding problems before, during, and after treatment by a professional. ¬†This […]

The case is concerned with the Plaintiff, Hutt, aged 40. The deceased claims that defendants have used dental malpractice by unethical means to treat osteomylitis as indicated in a Panorex X-ray. Two dentists, an oral surgeon and a practice team did this treatment. It was claimed by the plaintiff that delays in treatment declined probability […]

A dental visit makes the person to expect a lot of promises from the expert practitioner. Carelessness on the part of dental care professionals results in temporary or permanent damage to dental health of the patient. Unsuccessful dental processes are one of the common areas of dental malpractice. Different factors are responsible for failed dental […]

Dental malpractices are concerned to be negligent on the part of the professional. These unprofessional practices can be in form of damaging the nerves in the mouth, causing infection in course of dental treatment, using anesthesia causing death, failure in proper diagnosing the proper problem or following incorrect procedure. Due to these ill practices by […]